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Sailing Santorini – Semi Private Catamaran Tours.


Santorini Sailing Tour GOLd

Caldera Gold – Sailing Santorini Catamaran Trip

Our Day Cruise

Sailing Santorini day cruise begins with a stop at the Red Beach for a refreshing swim. We continue with a pleasant sail along the White Beach, the Black Mountain and the big Light House, south of the Caldera. You can explore the unmanned volcanic beaches where the spectacular colors will amaze you or you can just sunbath on the deck. Whilst heading to the Hot Springs, you will feel the energy of the Volcano and the spirit of the island. Our next stop is Thirassia Island, a fishermen’ s island, which is ideal for swimming and admiring the unique view of Manolas village, just before we enter the old port of Ammoudi. A delicious lunch with wine and dessert is served on board.

Cruise Time Schedule: 10.30-15.30

The Sunset Cruise

Starts from old port Ammoudi and a visit to Thirassia island. Then we sail to Palea Kameni for a swim at the famous Hot Springs, the Volcano for snorkeling or swimming, the Black Rock of the Indian, the White Beach and the Red Beach. While sailing along our beautiful coastline, you will be left breathless as you admire the unique Caldera and the spectacular colors of the world’s famous Santorinean sunset before we enter the port of Vlihada. As the night falls, a sumptuous dinner is served.

Cruise Time Schedule: 15.30 until after sunset

Our cruise package includes: • Transportation from/to the hotel with a/c bus • Maps and information about our island • Lunch or dinner with seafood, chicken fillet and salads (vegetarian meal available) • Snorkeling gear • Towels.

Caldera GOLD Cruise Price :

Number of passengers Max 15

Price per person: 150€

santorini sailing tour classic

Caldera Classic – Catamaran Sailing Trip

Our Day Cruise

Offers you a unique chance to admire Santorini’s beauty, sailing along the deep blue waters of the island. Starting from the Red Beach for a swim, followed with a sail to the White Beach, the Black Mountain and the big Light House south of the Caldera, as we head to the Hot Springs. When anchored, a delicious lunch is served onboard with wine and dessert.

Cruise Time Schedule: 10.30 – 15.30

The Sunset Cruise

Will exploit your senses, not only because of the imposing beauty of the Caldera, while sailing the sea route from Red Beach, the White Beach, the Black Mountain and the Hot Springs, but also because of the impressive beauty and spectacular colors of sunset. As the night falls, a sumptuous dinner is served completed with wine and dessert while admiring the shimmering stars in the sky and the twinkling lights on the island by night!

Cruise Time Schedule: 15.30 until after sunset

Our cruise package includes: • Transportation from/to the hotel with a/c bus • Maps and information about our island • Lunch or dinner with seafood, chicken fillet and salads (vegetarian meal available) • Snorkeling gear • Towels

Caldera Classic Cruise Price :

Number of passengers Max 15

Price per person: 135€

Sailing Santorini – Private Catamaran Tours.

Lagoon 450

lagoon 450 santorini sailing1

Catamaran Private Cruises
Build year: 2015
Length: 45 ft beam 26 ft
Engine: 2×55 Hp Yanmar Diesel
Cruising speed: 7 knots
Accommodation: 4 cabins, 4 heads

Private Cruise Price

Half Day/5hrs Full Day/10hrs

up to 6 passengers*

1.400€ 2.800€

 Lagoon 450

Lagoon 421

Lagoon 400 S2

Venezia 42

Lagoon 380

Sailing Santorini Private Catamaran Tours

offer all-inclusive crewed Full day private cruises in Santorini and nearby Islands, Each luxury catamaran which is available for Sailing Charters in Santorini is crewed with a full time professional captain and chef that will be at your disposal through out your Santorini Holiday Cruise.

All of the catamaran yachts are located in the island of Santorini;

The cruise will start at Vlychada port and will cover all the island sights worth seeing, you’ll visit the red, black and white beaches of Santorini. The sails in a warm sunny day give a peaceful vibe to the cruise. No engine noise, just the wind and the waves of the crystal clear waters of Santorini. While on a Private Sailing tour in Santorini You will visit the Volcano and the hotsprings, nearby islands as well, You will discover secluded private beaches and dine with a sunset view with excellent food and delicious wine.

Each of our catamarans has its own special luxuries, Choose which fits you best for a memorable cruise in Santorini.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your Santorini private sailing tour. The earlier the email, The bigger chance for availability!

Grab a drink and lay back

Let us give you a Sailing in Santorini cruise that you will remember for the rest of your life! Private and Semi-Private Sailing Santorini tours are both luxurious cruises sailing charters in Santorini. We have a lot of competitors and we have to keep our high standards in order to keep our clients happy and continue senting us feedback and good reviews.

Either Private Sailing or Semi-Private Sailing in Santorini give beautiful memories of your Santorini Holiday. Book your Sailing Santorini and live a day like a king/queen, Let our staff serve you the delicious greek food we make ourselves and try our very own wine. See the Sunset while drinking the infamous wine of Santorini (Vinsanto) and dining with your loved ones and friends, Sound interesting? There are much more! During a semi-private sailing tour in Santorini you will meet new friends, Have fun and listen to good music.

You will swim  and snorkel party onboard or relax and tan under the warm Aegean sun. while our professional crew manages all aspects of the yacht, and a gourmet chef prepares all the meals. Sailing Santorini tours are both worth joining and at reasonable costs. Our charter guests typically represent many nations. In nearly every instance, your yacht mates are intelligent, successful and open to new experiences and cultural exchanges.

This leads to great conversation and lasting friendships. Our luxury catamaran sailing yachts typically have between four and 10 cabins, Each of our guests will have their own cabin depending on the request. What is a better way to enjoy your holiday in Santorini an island with a lot of trasures in its ocean, Good food , new friends and many many pictures!

On a sailing Santorini Charter, On our new luxury catamarans, you will experience a far more intense vacation than the others, discover secluded beaches, and dolphins cruising beside the yachts. Booking with us means a unforgettable sailing Santorini Holiday, And that’s how it will be! Sailing Santorini Trips are guaranteed to result in a relaxed atmosphere and satisfied mindset at the end of each Charter, Fully booked or not the sailing in santorini tour will be a story worth telling! Our sailing santorini itinireries are for approximately 5 hours, Covering all there is to see!